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 Jaz Brown Bio

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Jaz Brown
Jaz Brown

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PostSubject: Jaz Brown Bio   Sat Nov 01, 2008 4:40 pm

Name: Jaz Brown
Race: Vampire
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 3
Magic: Mind Reader
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Golden blond

A short, fun loving charachter. Always ready to make friends, always willing to throw a party for any occasion. Jaz is a very pretty young lady with quite pale skin, she is always dressed immaculatley and always looks smart even if she is just wearing a pear of skiny jeans and a tee shirt.

History: Jaz was attacked by a Vampire three years ago on a trip to New York, although she managed to get away she had been bitten and the process of becoming a Vampire herself began. She locked herself into her hotel room and after a painfull change she emerged into the night blind and lost, she was appauled by what she had become but thankfully a kind gentleman, also a vampire took her under his wing, he was a kind man and was not the same as the hungry, bloodthirty vampire that had attacked Bree. He taught her how to life as normal a life as possibel and after a few years he sent her out into the world to fend for herself.

Jaz has been a Vampire for three years but has never tasted the blood or killed another human being once, she has another way of living, feeding on animals when the thirst becomes to much for her. Since she was attacked Jaz has lived a shelterd life, hardly ever venturing outside, now she has been cast out into the world and she is trying to make a life for her self, perhaps meet others like herself.

Magic: ASince a child Jaz always seemed to have a sixth sence but when she became a Vampire she found that her abbility had increased tenfold and tha she could easily read peoples minds. This has great advantages but is often a curse to her.

Jaz had heard of a place called Forks from her friend Dill who took her in after her attack and that is where she headed when she left his care.
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Jaz Brown Bio
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