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 Forks City centre - Jaz Arrives *open to all*

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Jaz Brown

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PostSubject: Forks City centre - Jaz Arrives *open to all*   Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:53 am

Bree sat in her car and looked out of the front windshield at the pouring rain, the day was grey and rather dull but Bree smiled, she was happy to have finally reached her destination. Forks was a small town in Washington and it had just the right climate for a vampire who wanted to live as normal a life as possible. Finally stepping out of the car she gazed around what she presumed was the town centre, she hardly noticing the rain falling on her face, in fact she enjoyed. Taking a step she made her way to a notice board outside a store and looked at the little messages. Her smile broke into a wide grin as she seen just the thing she was looking for. HOUSE TO LET pulling the little yellow card from the board she stepped under the awning that hung over the shops entrance and pulled her mobile phone from the inside pocket of her leather jacket, flipping it open she quickly dialled the number on the card then held it to her ear.

As the phone rang she bounced on the balls of her feet with excitement. After a few rings someone on the other end picked up and a gentleman's voice spoke.
“Hello Sir, I'm calling about the house to let, is it still available?”
There was a pause “yes, yes, its still available, its a modest little cottage, only one bedroom but it has all the amenities, are you interested?”
Bree whooped with delight inside ans when she opened her mouth to speak her breath caught in her throat. “Yes, yes I'm so interested” she said “can I take a look at it, its sounds just right.”

After exchanging a few more words Bree was back in her car and starting the engine, as luck would have it the gentleman on the phone was available to show her the house to let and it wasn't to far away. It being near the town centre was an added bonus.

Bree sped along the windy road taking in the greenery and within a few minutes a quaint little house came into view, there was a red truck parked outside on the drive a tall, stocky gent leaning against it. Bringing the car to a stop Bree grinned at the man and he gave her a warm smile in return. Flinging the car door open she bounced out and over to him, she held out her hand “hello Sir, Im Bree Simpson, we just spoke on the phone” her grin widened and the mad chuckled
“I believe we did didn't we” he said “and please call me Steve, come on in now” producing a bunch of keys from his overalls pocked he lead the way up to the house and opened the green front door, as he stepped in he turned and run his eyes over Bree “you don't look like your from around here” he said
Bree smiled “no sir” she said “taking a break from school, I .. I'm a writer, well I want to be” she laughed nervously “Forks seems like the perfect place for inspiration.”

Steve nodded his head then moved out of Brees way so she could see the room that they had just stepped into, she gasped “wow its beautiful” she said “I’ll take it” Steve gave a hearty laugh “don't you want to see the rest of it Miss?”
Bree grinned “its absolutely fabulous, if the rest of the rooms are anything like this, well ...” she trailed off her eyes roaming around the quaint little kitchen. It was perfect.
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Kissifur Paddle
Sumatran Rat Monkey
Sumatran Rat Monkey

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PostSubject: Re: Forks City centre - Jaz Arrives *open to all*   Sun Dec 07, 2008 2:51 pm

Kissifur watched the lady from the dark doorway on the hardware shop, he was in his human form and he stood under the shops tarpaulin, his arms folded across his chest. There was a new character in town and she was different, Kiss fur could sense things like that and with this one the feelings were strong.
A shiver ran down his spine and he hugged his arms around his thin body, the strange feelings he got from the newcomer were disturbing enough to him but the fact that there were others in the town of Forks that carried the same stench and gave him the same sensations disturbed hi even more.

Stepping out of the shop doorway Kissifur got into his battered Ford, turned the key i its ignition and sped off, he had been watching the family that gave him the shivers for a while and now there seemed to be another one he was determined to find out what and who they all were.
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Forks City centre - Jaz Arrives *open to all*
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